Any company, regardless of its size or industry, will benefit from having an online presence, while those that don`t will face grave consequences, an expert has claimed.

Research published by the Federation of Small Businesses earlier this month revealed that only half of small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in the UK conduct business over the internet.

Yet David Mill, managing director of internet marketing agency MediaCo, warned that those which do not sell online risk losing competition to their rivals, who can gain a greater market share by using the internet to increase their customer base.

"All companies of all sizes can benefit from having a web presence," he said. "There is a grave danger for companies who don`t.

"SMEs can boost their web presence using various means, including presenting their website address on vehicles, buildings, stationery etc. Beyond that, they can employ an online marketing company to provide such as search engine marketing and email marketing services."

He also advised companies considering expanding their online presence to consider marketing activities such as pay-per-click advertising, which can have an immediate effect.

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Article Date: 27/07/2009

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