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Hi PeteThis is a test article to describe the latest and greatest. Read More

Disaster Recovery ... It Really Does Work.

Following a catastrophic system failure caused by the breakdown of our file server 2 years go we worked closely with CrystalNet to evolve a Disaster Recovery System that was both quick and ... Read More

I.T. Failure costs each SME`s £10K a year.

Small businesses are losing up to £10000 a year in lost productivity because their IT systems aren`t up to scratch.So says research by Reuters which found that regular I.T. failures among small ... Read More


Any company regardless of its size or industry will benefit from having an online presence while those that don`t will face grave consequences an expert has claimed.Research published by the ... Read More

More than half of businesses `will never adopt Vista`.

The majority of tech professionals claim their companies will never adopt Windows Vista.That`s according to the latest poll which asked readers when their organisation is likely to make ... Read More

CrystalNet offers R3Data Remote Backup.

CrystalNet is now able to offer a business only managed data backup and archiving service at an affordable price to small and medium sized business.All data is encrypted to a very high level as ... Read More

CrystalNet provides ASDL in conjunction with South West Telecommunications.

ADSL or Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the most common type of broadband as it uses a standard phone line to provide connection to the internet. Put simply it means that by converting your ... Read More


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