Disaster Recovery ... It Really Does Work.

Disaster Recovery ... It Really Does Work.
Following a catastrophic system failure caused by the breakdown of our file server 2 years go, we worked closely with CrystalNet to evolve a Disaster Recovery System that was both quick and comprehensive. We purchased an exact replica of our server (actually, a replica of our 2 servers as we operate on 2 different sites). This replica server was stored in our server room and was unused.

A few weeks ago the motherboard in our server failed overnight causing a total breakdown of our network. We called Crystalnet who replaced the failed server with our Disaster Recovery Server, loaded the data from our previous day's back-up and had the system up and running within 4 hours.

The lead time for the motherboard was several weeks, had we not had the Disaster Recovery Server in reserve we would have suffered severe disruption to our business.

Frank W. Murphy Limited

Chas Kimber
European Operations Manager

Article Date: 04/12/2009

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