I.T. Failure costs each SME's £10K a year.

Small businesses are losing up to £10,000 a year in lost productivity because their IT systems aren`t up to scratch.So says research by Reuters, which found that regular I.T. failures among small businesses can lead to a loss of productivity, undermine morale among hacked-off workers and damage relationships with punters.

What`s more, when I.T. gear does go wrong it`s often left to senior staff to deal with the problems.

Said the research: "When I.T. fails, managers are forced to turn their attention away from their primary business goals, and this is especially true in smaller businesses where employing dedicated I.T. staff is not a viable option."

The research also found that most I.T. problems are routine and easy to fix, with seven in ten problems able to be sorted within 20 minutes.

But small businesses suffer long than they should, because they lack experience when it comes to I.T. According to Reuters, the issue is "so significant that many employees see I.T. outages as a barrier to doing their job properly, and often leave their job because of it.

With the cost of labour turnover to businesses averaging £4,000 per person, this represents a huge financial risk to businesses unable to manage their I.T. systems effectively."

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Article Date: 27/07/2009

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